Delhi’s Air Pollution Equals the Heart Damage Caused by Smoking- Experts Opinion

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In the bustling city of Delhi, the air is filled with more than just hustle and bustle. It’s no secret that air pollution levels here are skyrocketing. The main reason behind this soaring pollution is a mix of stubble burning in the surrounding States, vehicle emissions, industrial activities, and dust in the air. The Air Quality Index (AQI), a measure of how clean or polluted the air is, has hit hazardous levels in Delhi.

“It’s not just a concern for breathing; experts have gone so far as to say that the air quality in Delhi is like smoking 30 cigarettes a day. Imagine that!”

This hazardous air poses a serious threat to our health, particularly our hearts. Let’s delve into how this pollution is affecting the very air we breathe and the beat of our hearts.

The Stealthy Assault: Pollution’s Silent Effect On Arteries

Delhi Air Pollution -Agatsa blog

When we inhale polluted air as present in Delhi’s Air it’s like blowing tiny smoke monsters into our mouths. These sneaky creatures then travel down into our lungs, which are like a magical filter. But, instead of filtering out the bad stuff, smoking creates trouble. The smoke monsters release a sticky substance that sticks to the walls of our blood vessels, making them narrow. Now, these blood vessels are like the pathways our hearts use to pump blood. Imagine a tiny road getting filled with a sticky goo-like substance – that’s what happens to our blood vessels. This substance makes it harder for our hearts to send blood where it needs to go, kind of like traffic jams in our bodies. So, it’s important to keep the smoke monsters away and let our hearts work smoothly!

How Air Pollution Sets the Stage for Atherosclerosis and Heart Attack:

Delhi Air Pollution- Agatsa blog

Remember the sticky substance we talked about? Well, that sticky substance is like trouble in paradise for our blood vessels. It’s called cholesterol, and too much of it can be a real headache for our hearts. Picture this: our blood vessels are the roads, and cholesterol is like little speed bumps or roadblocks. When these build up, they create obstacles, making it tough for our hearts to pump blood smoothly. It’s a bit like our superhero trying to navigate a bumpy road – not an easy task! This cholesterol trouble can lead to different heart diseases, like heart attack and heart failure. Imagine our superhero heart as a brave explorer facing challenges in its journey. So, to keep the heart happy and healthy, we need to watch out for these cholesterol roadblocks and make choices that keep our blood vessels clear and free!

Why Delhi’s Pollution Rings Alarm Bells Among Experts?

Delhi Air Pollution -Agatsa blog

Delhi’s air pollution, likened to an invisible cigarette, poses risks comparable to smoking 30 cigarettes daily. When we breathe in this polluted air, it’s like inviting these troublemakers to a party inside our bodies. They sneak into our lungs and release sticky stuff, just like the smoke monsters from smoking. This sticky stuff can make our blood vessels narrow, creating roadblocks for our hearts. So, whether it’s pollution or smoking, both can be a bit like playing hide-and-seek with our hearts. They make it harder for our hearts to do their job, and that’s when heart disease can sneak in. Imagine the heart struggling amidst air laden with harmful substances.

Protective Measures for Cardiovascular Health:

Delhi Air Pollution - Agatsa blog

To safeguard our hearts, simple yet effective measures can be taken:

  1. Wear Masks: In places with a lot of pollution, wear masks to protect your heart.

Delhi Air Pollution- Agatsa blog

2. Stay Inside During High Pollution: When pollution is at its worst, try to stay indoors to keep your heart safe.

Delhi Air Pollution - Agatsa blog

3. Use Air Purifiers: Having air purifiers at home makes the air clean and helps your heart stay healthy.

Delhi Air Pollution - Agatsa blog

4. Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle: Choose a healthy lifestyle by staying active and exercising regularly.

Delhi Air Pollution -Agatsa blog

5. Eat a Healthy Diet: Avoiding smoking and embracing a diet rich in antioxidants from fruits and healthy foods is crucial. These antioxidants act as shields, help in heart disease prevention and the harmful effects of air pollution. It’s a small change in our lifestyle that can make a big difference.

Delhi Air Pollution -Agatsa blog

Early Detection with Sanketlife:

Thankfully, one doesn’t need to step out into heavily polluted air to get checked for any heart-related abnormalities. Innovations in the field of healthcare, like portable ECG machines – one such example is Sanketlife pocket ECG – are not just a luxury; they’re a necessity. ECG analysis is the first line of treatment to detect heart disease and can be helpful in the following ways:

Delhi Air Pollution - Agatsa blog


  • Check for Arrhythmias: If your loved ones have a history of heart risk, it’s important to check for irregular heartbeats caused by pollution.
  • Use Sanketlife Pocket ECG: For our loved ones with a history of heart disease or existing heart risks, early detection is key. Portable ECG devices like Sanketlife pocket ECG offer a convenient way to monitor heart health at home, ensuring timely intervention and care.

In the battle against the dual threat of Delhi’s air pollution and smoking’s impact on our hearts, prevention is our strongest weapon. Let’s adopt a healthy lifestyle, protect our hearts with simple precautions, and prioritize early detection for our loved ones. It’s time to breathe safe and keep our hearts beating strong amidst the challenges of city life!

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