Early morning, your alarm is ringing; the mobile phone is repeatedly buzzing with the notifications from your office. Great! Now your better half needs your help in some household chore. All this sums up in you getting late for work.  The typical day of a person starts like this usually. Stress has now become a part of life. Every person has a particular threshold and their own way of dealing with stressful situations. The way you react to these situations determines a lot regarding your health and well being.

Stress is considered to be a contributing factor for many health conditions including heart diseases and hypertension. Yoga, the ancient practice has a lot to offer when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. And almost anyone can do it.

Yoga the “Stress Buster”

Yoga is often called as a stress buster. It can be really helpful when it comes to coping with anxiety and stress. We are naturally prone to experience stress. Adrenaline rushes into our body at the time of stress, based on the body fight or flight system. They make our body react to the situation invoked by the stress sensors. If you know how to quickly calm the nervous system, that can prove to be beneficial.

Yoga is a practice of breathing technique, exercise or asana, and mediation. This triage helps in connecting the mind and body and brings it into a state of relaxation. This happens because of the happy hormones that Yoga helps in releasing from the body that stimulates and reinvigorate our body.

So, when you come out from a relaxing Yoga session, you will feel more energetic, lively, happy and calm. If you still haven’t reaped the benefits of yoga, then we advise its time you start the new beginning of a new you.

Yoga: Window to a Healthy Heart

Not just a stress buster, yoga also acts as a heart health booster. There are many studies that have showcased the positive effects of yoga in improving heart health. Yoga helps in improving circulation and heart rate, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yoga and its asans help in improving the flexibility of the body and enhance muscle strength. This makes the muscles stronger and more efficient. The heart is also a muscle, which pumps blood throughout the body and works 365 days and round the clock to meet the body requirements. Doing yoga regularly strengthens the heart muscles, which in turn improves the pumping action of the heart and makes it stronger.

Let’s summarize the healthy heart benefits of yoga in the points below.

  • Improve heart health including body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate
  • Improves heart rate variability leading to better cardiac fitness
  • Positive effect on the heart rate and helps in lowering it. A lower resting heart rate is directly proportional to a healthy heart and a decreased risk of heart disease.

Yoga has endless benefits to offer. Every person’s body and the needs are different. Being a beginner it is always advisable to ask an expert of Yoga what is the best technique to follow. Heart patients are advised to always consult their doctor before starting any such activities that may involve any strenuous poses. In all, yoga can benefit a person in many ways. Knowing how you are reacting to stress, how is your HRV and understanding your heart health can further help you in adapting to a healthy lifestyle. SanketLife can help you in the right direction at the right time by making all such parameters available to you in just a click. Accurate HRV calculations, fitness tracker and a personal heart monitor. SanketLife acts as a modern day miracle that fits into your lifestyle easily.