5 Effective ways to tame stress and keep your heart healthy

5 effective ways to tame stress and keep your health healthy

Relax, Slow Down, Take a pause and BREATHE!!

Stress and mental health are the new buzz words in the town, which makes an individual frustrated and irritable. However, stress relievers can helps in restoring the happiness and peace back in life. The psychological effects of stress include anxiety, depression and panic attacks.  Most of the times excessive mental pressure can break down a person to a different level of low esteemed which has an adverse effects on the mental well-being and heart health. Here we are sharing some tips to tame stress from your life to life and heart healthy happy life  –

Get Active and stay positive – Being active throughout the day can help immensely in feeling motivated and positive. Indulging in any kind of physical activity can pump good hormones which enhances the sense of well-being. Various studies have found out that laughter has a significant role to play in lowering the stress hormones and increases good HDL cholesterol.

Eat a healthy Diet – Keep your heart and mind healthy by eating a variety of fruits and whole grains. According to many experts, a healthy diet can help reduce stress-related health problems. Additionally, nutrients from healthy foods improve blood flow. Additionally, as the brain needs glucose to function properly, it is recommended to eat regularly throughout the day to maintain a stable glucose level. Junk food and fatty foods are known to degrade the heart’s health, as well as accumulate stress and negatively impact the mental health of an individual.

Meditate – Mediation is an effective tool for managing stress and reprogramming the brain. Different techniques are used to help people focus their attention and achieve a heightened state of awareness. It is suggested to meditate at least 20 minutes a day to attain peace of mind. Meditation helps immensely in reducing, mental pressure, stress, and mental health-related issues.

Be musical or creative – Creativity brings out the inner artist out. 80% of the stress can be easily eliminated through art and music therapies. An article published in Scientific Machine discovered that creative people tend to live longer and have a favourable impact on brain. Moreover listening to music helps in reducing the muscle tension and decreases stress hormone.

Get enough sleep or seek counselling – Lack of sleep popularly known as insomnia is directly associated with stress. A person needs to take proper rest to attain sanity. Sleep deprivation makes an individual more irritable and less patient, making it difficult for peer as well to bear him/her. Studies have also found out that insomnia is directly linked with high blood pressure, heart disease and psychological effects of stress. Moreover, poor sleep pattern and unhealthy habits can adversely affect your heart health including higher stress levels, unhealthy eating habits and mental pressure.

In a busy life schedule, it becomes difficult to follow the above-mentioned tips, however keeping things at handy can helps in early detection of disease thus decreasing the numbers of deaths associated with it. With a fast-moving world, technology carves out a way to keep wearable and medical devices near for the dear ones to regularly check their health vitals.

With heart disease being the number one killer in the world and stress being the major contributor, it is essential to have some safeguards. SanketLife ECG devices can be that safeguard for you and your loved ones. This pocket-sized device can take a medical grade 12-Lead ECG just by touching the electrodes. It is connected to a cloud to store your reports and a network of doctors who will give you quick advice if anything seems wrong with your heart. Protect yourself from one of the biggest killers in the world and get a SanketLife ECG device today.

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