Pandemic barring you from regular health checkup? Know how SanketLife detected heart abnormality in time and saved life!

Sanketlife 12 Lead Portable ECG device

It was a calm festive night after a busy day at work for Dr. Abdul when around 3 am he heard someone knocking at his door, it was his neighbour who came and requested to check him as he was feeling giddy. Dr. Abdul, an Emergency Medicine Physician immediately started checking for any unusual signs to make sure nothing serious.

His neighbor, a 65-year-old gentleman, a known diabetic was apprehensive to go to a hospital due to the ongoing pandemic. Dr. Abdul just checked his pulse, which was high at that time, without wasting any minute he decided to take an Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) with the SanketLife ECG device. The ECG came out to be abnormal, suggesting a heart rhythm abnormality known as Atrial Fibrillation with fast ventricular rate, this condition has increased irregular heart beating causing heart failure with fluid accumulating in the lungs and can form clots in the heart thereby dislodging to the brain leading to embolic stroke. The ECG was enough for Dr. Abdul to decide his next action and suggested to be hospitalised immediately.

Dr. Abdul added “He was complaining of dizziness and not willing to go to the hospital due to the fear of pandemic. So, I had SanketLife, I did an ECG and explained the urgency of the situation to him, but he requested me to accompany him as his old spouse could not take him, so I took him to the hospital at 3.30 am. and did resuscitation as his blood pressure and oxygen saturation started dropping with developing pulmonary edema ( fluid accumulation in lungs). If it would have been delayed, he would have flash pulmonary edema. In Covid times all hypoxia or lack of oxygen-related conditions is related to Covid until proven otherwise. So this portable ECG made his diagnosis clear and quick, as well as his resuscitation. He was covid PCR negative all through his hospital stay but diagnosed with Acute myocardial infarction with Triple vessel disease for which he underwent Coronary angiogram and coronary artery bypass graft surgery with good recovery. The neighbour patient returned to Dr. Abdul with heartly thanks after a few weeks.

Heart attacks and heart rhythm problems known as arrhythmia are not something you can be prepared for, but you can prevent and treat them by being aware of what to do in such a situation. A life-saving innovation as the SanketLife ECG device can be your first tool for home diagnosis. In times of pandemic, social distancing and lesser physical interactions, remote patient monitoring, telehealth services, and online consultations have become the new-age ways of patient and physician interactions. Having your health status and current parameters recorded in time can help your doctor with better and quick decision making and treatment.

Not only for COVID cases but even non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart diseases can also be managed well at home. With the acceptance of remote care, we can further reduce the difficulties our healthcare suffers with patient visits and physician availability. An ECG at home during symptoms can save your time and help in catching the problem right at the moment, and available for your doctor’s review and consultation which can save you from a serious problem without a trip. If the reports come normal, then you can be reassured and be relaxed without stress.

SanketLife ECG device has many features that can make it a home essential. A one of a kind device that can take a complete 12 lead ECG with touch, no leads or wire required, this means that you get to take ECG anytime, anywhere yourself. The device also offers report interpretation by a cardiologist within 15 minutes through the mobile application. Digital report that helps in easy sharing and record keeping. Clinical grade and proven efficacy to gain confidence with every reporting. As said by Dr. Abdul “The device is a compact Keychain sized that can be a life saviour, it’s a timely innovation that is being of a great use in such times. The device has the potential to improve home monitoring and managing conditions remotely”.

Special Thanks to Dr. Abdul Rub Hakim Mohammed, Emergency Medicine Physician, Masters in Emergency Medicine – International, Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine, The George Washington University, USA.

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