Home Health monitoring- Choice or Requisite?

Technology has always been fascinating, the human desire to live better led to innovations that were beyond imagination. The need for entertainment made television every home essential, likewise, the need to be connected was fulfilled with mobile phones. Similarly, advances in healthcare delivery and technology took care of many unmet needs.

With more awareness among people, the need for better healthcare with easy accessibility is the demand. Medical devices confined to a physician’s clinic or hospitals are now available for home care use. Along with the pandemic, the necessity of social distancing and the idea of home health monitoring has become more popular than ever. While the one-on-one physical interaction with a physician is being avoided, remote health monitoring is emerging as an essential tool for arriving at a diagnosis and making treatment plans.

Home Health Monitoring, not an option anymore

With the ongoing pandemic, home monitoring of vitals became a routine, for those who are suffering from the virus effects or those making sure they are not infected. The market is flooded with such monitors and people are readily accepting and making way for these products. Parameters like Blood Pressure, SpO2, Temperature, Heart Rate, etc. are now known to almost every person. These monitors can help in better management of cases, and lead to better outcomes.

Increase in aging population and chronic disease management

Elderly care has gained momentum, with the need for close monitoring these medical devices have a great potential in care and disease management. Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney-related issues need vital monitoring, with the elder population staying alone these devices help in gauging immediate health status and make treatment availability faster. Many caregivers like home healthcare providers, nurses and doctors feel these devices not only help them in serving better but also instill confidence in this age group of users about their health.

Telemedicine and medical device

With telemedicine providers putting more and more effort into implementing measures for people to adapt their offering, medical devices can aid many such solutions.

With at-home diagnostic tests, medicine delivery platforms, teleconsultations, now users have a better future in terms of access to healthcare. Today medical devices have made complex tests and examinations a cakewalk. A test like ECG that is believed to be a clinic procedure is now available in the comfort of home with next-gen devices like the SanketLife ECG device. These devices not only solve the problem of at-home investigations but also helps in reducing the possibility of missing on diagnosing conditions like heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, etc that need immediate care and timely treatment.

Taking your health in your hands

As the future looks promising with these medical devices, each home needs such care essentials to be part of their routine and not just a choice of living. These simple yet effective devices have the capabilities to transform home health care. With such compact devices the ability to monitor vitals and health becomes easier, any deviation from normal is detected early and the action is taken accordingly. Connectivity is another aspect that helps these parameters to be readily available for reference to the care givers for treatment planning. The most important point to consider is that these devices support adherence to treatment regimens, facilitate self-care, and provide patient education.

One can explore such devices as per their needs, with devices ahead of their times like leadless ECG’s, touch based multibody parameter measuring devices etc. SanketLife health monitoring range offers users with devices that are technologically sound and provide all modern day features – Explore and know more.

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