Looking After Your Heart Health Post-COVID 19

With more than 2.8 crore cases of COVID 19, India is witnessing the devastating effect of the second wave of infection. While now the cases are plummeting, the post COVID 19 effects concerns all. India already shares the burden of existing cardiovascular diseases in the population, the treating doctors are seeing rising heart-related complications in the post COVID cases. For patients under the recovery phase, it’s important to know how your heart can be affected post the infection and what can be done to avoid serious damage.

How COVID 19 affects the heart?

COVID 19 impacts the whole body, but the involvement of the heart can be more severe and fatal. As the virus infects the patient, it starts inflammation in all organs, this inflammation can affect the healthy heart tissue causing damages. The blood vessels also suffer the consequences of this inflammation that can lead to clot formations which can increase the chances of heart attacks and stroke.

A patient with a history of heart disease has increased chances of COVID-related heart complications during the infection as well as post COVID during the recovery.

Symptoms to watch post COVID 19

Recovery from COVID infection may vary from case to case, while a milder case will have a shorter recovery period, it may vary depending upon the health condition of the patient and history of existing illness. There have been cases where doctors have reported involvement of the heart in patients post COVID after 2 months of getting the infection.

A patient if develops symptoms like- Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, discomfort in the chest, severe fatigue and weakness should immediately consult a doctor who may advise for an ECG (Electrocardiogram) to quickly evaluate your heart health and decide on the treatment line.

Taking care of your heart health at home

During the recovery phase post COVID there are multiple aspects to be considered. Few are listed below:-

  1. Diet – A diet that incorporates essential elements like fiber, proteins, vitamins, and proper hydration can help in quicker recovery. Keeping way clear from food that is high in fats and sugar is also very important.
  2. Physical Activity – COVID 19 takes a great toll on the body, leaving it weak and lethargic. As the patient starts to recovery, regaining physical strength is vital. Under supervision starting with light physical activities like stretching or Yoga can help. As one progresses, one can enter into practicing moderate activities to help the body cope with the effects of infection.
  3. Monitoring Body Vitals – While in recovery, it’s still essential to keep an eye on body parameters including blood pressure, SpO2, body temperature, and blood sugar to make sure the patient is moving towards a positive prognosis. When it comes to heart health specifically these parameters can help give a surface-level check, an ECG on the other hand can give a definitive answer. Although visiting a hospital just for an ECG may leave you anxious as still, the infection has not gone. You can always go for ECG at home- As home health monitoring has seen a lot of encouragement recently people are adopting measures to get such tests done at home.

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