ECG – Why You Need It?

ECG- Why you need it?

Our typical day till last year involved just picking our car keys and heading out to the door to go for work or meet our friends or to just have a fun outing with our family. The scene has changed quite a bit, we now rethink twice before we step out of our house. We check if the mask and sanitizer are in place before we leave.

The pandemic has changed the world a lot, the inaccessibility of things we were taking for granted once has made many of us realize how important it is to value such things. Health and being healthy has emerged as one of the most important things in our priority list. Being conscious about little things is the new normal. Keeping up with health has also changed the meaning a lot. People are more aware of what they eat and how they keep control of their body vitals and what they can do to monitor them.

Heart health has been on the charts for many of us and our loved ones. When it comes to heart disease or cardiovascular diseases, they have a bad reputation of being the number one killer globally. Most of the cardiovascular diseases are preventable if we know the ways to properly manage our lifestyle and pay attention to regular monitoring. Keeping a check on the heart requires a very simple and non-invasive test that helps to scan the heart health at a complex level- Electrocardiogram or ECG.

ECG is the most common investigation any doctor recommends when there is a question of heart health. Being such a routine test, yet you may have questions on why you need the test and how it can help you in keeping your heart healthy. 

Let’s try taking one fact at a time

Should I get an ECG if I have a family history of heart disease?

Heart diseases can lurk behind due to family history. In such a case those who have a history or are above 40 years of age and have risk factors like diabetes, smoking, overweight, etc can fall prey to heart diseases. In such conditions having a regular ECG along with a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chances and help act in time.

Is this fluttering sensation anywhere related to my heart?

Heart palpitations are feeling your heart beats while at rest, the thing may just be quite unnoticeable, but suddenly having a lot many such episodes can be of problem. This harmless fluttering or pounding sensation can be triggered out of stress or emotion but sometimes they are also linked with arrhythmias and among all the most notorious Atrial Fibrillation. These cannot be left unattended and may require an immediate examination and what we do when we need a quick heart scan is that we get an ECG.

I am hypertensive and check my BP regularly is still ECG important?

The very commonly heard term nowadays is Hypertension or high blood pressure. Having high BP puts you through many cardiovascular-related risks like stroke, heart attacks, and even arrhythmias, in such a scenario being a step ahead in keeping heart healthy is more imperative than ever. Periodic ECG scans and paying attention to lifestyle is important and can avert serious complications in time.

Recently experiencing breathlessness, dizziness, or fainting episodes

Mostly, such an episode may have no connection with your heart. But they can also be the signal to some underlying heart-related issue. Conditions like arrhythmias or heart abnormalities may sometimes have a presenting symptom like these. Being detected early and being acted upon on time can be a savior. Having an ECG to evaluate the condition is something to be done.

Listen to the experts about ECG

As per the American Heart Association, ECG is the most fasted and simple method to evaluate any abnormality in your heart. An study published in a reputed medical journal quotes 

Early transmission of ECG signal can help to assess patient’s condition and is one of the very good methods of prevention of sudden death in heart failure.”

ECG has established its importance for detecting heart issues in a non-invasive manner. It is now on us to evaluate its importance. An ECG at the right time can be a decision-maker on a person suffering from a heart attack and can help save a life. With the technology and science touching new heights every day, we now can conduct a doctor recommended ECG at home with handheld monitoring devices. SanketLife brings such advancement and innovation to each one of us where we can have our ECG monitor to help us understand our heart health better.


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