6 Reasons to get SanketLife this New Year

6 Reasons to get SanketLife this New Year

While we gear up to welcome Santa and new year in our lives, we also gear up planning for the upcoming new year. While we all think and pray our new year is happy and healthy but do, we really know if we are Healthy?  

We run after the fitness regime, track our fitness and heart rate but forget to track our real health. The most important organ of our body; Heart remains the point of concern and we usually do not know if our Heart is healthy or not.  

 Don’t you wish you could map your heart health at your ease instead of lining up appointments at the doctor’s clinic? Well, the innovation is out and it’s just a click away- SanketLife. A handy, ultralight ECG device, just as compact as a keychain that can connect to the smartphone and just by touch can take medical-grade ECG anytime, anywhere! 

Here are top reasons why you should own a SanketLife today- 

Age won’t matter when it comes to heart diseases 

A recent study published in the World Cardiology Journal indicates the occurrence of heart diseases a decade early among people in their early 40’s. It’s a well-known notion that prevention is better than cure, being updated about your heart health and taking preventive actions early can help in minimizing the risk of heart diseases. Having a personal home ECG monitoring solution like SanketLife can be the answer to this need. Be proactive, keep a check on your heart and know better. 

A family history of heart diseases doubles your risk too 

Having a family history of heart disease doubles the risk of you also having the same. The main markers to identify are hypertension or high BP, history of blockage and high cholesterol in the family or even having diabetes. Just see the pattern, chart the family tree and assess your risk. In this case, SanketLife can always keep you aware of your heart health and alert you early with any changes that may be affecting your heart health. 

Running high on risk factors 

It’s quite common nowadays to be suffering from ailments like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Given the lifestyle that we are in, these diseases tend to linger behind, they are a potential risk for heart problems. Tracking your heart health in such a condition is recommended by all doctors. So, why not do it with a quick ECG on your smartphones with SanketLife. 

Suffered from high blood pressure during pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for every mom to be, but it can sometimes be a bit difficult for moms. High BP during pregnancy or pre-eclampsia in medical terms can be very serious for the mother and the unborn child. Pre- eclampsia can be a potential risk factor that can later expose mothers to heart diseases. So, if you are planning for another baby or if you want to just maintain your heart health, a regular check can help you step up your mom-game. Be the smart mom, get yourself a companion like SanketLife that will adjust with your life and at your convenience keep your heart checked for you. 

Pollution is also affecting your heart 

The rising threat of pollution is affecting the heart health of people in every age group. The whole body is being affected by pollution especially air quality. It is severely affecting older age group people as well as heart patients, this calls for regular monitoring. In such a scenario, upon feeling any symptom or just for being heart health-conscious a quick scan can be a savior. 

The growing burden of stress 

Our lifestyle and way of living have exposed us to a lot of stress. Very few people know that stress can lead to heart diseases. Knowing how stress is influencing your heart and overall health is now easy. In just a minute, take your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) with SanketLife and understand your overall fitness and stress coping abilities. 

So, what all can SanketLife offer you- 

  1. A quick glance of your heart health with ECG- The most recommended test that every cardiologist recommends for assessing Heart Health is ECG. 
  1. Your stress coping ability can be easily calculated with HRV- The ideal way to take HRV is through ECG 
  1. Heart Rate- How well is your heart pacing with the body’s needs. Understand your pattern and quickly check your heart. 

Nothing can be more rewarding than having a beautiful and healthy life. Understanding how important heart health, is the key to a worry-free life. You just need to dive in and experience the difference with SanketLife in your life and bring peace of mind to your home this new year. 

Get yours today!