TBI INNOVATIONS: Now Anyone Anywhere Can Get an ECG Report In 15 Seconds!

With India being the heart-disease capital of the world, this innovative, credit-card-sized ECG monitor has the potential to touch millions of hearts!

Nearly 30 million Indians suffer from heart ailments, making India the heart-disease capital of the world. Access to and cost of proper diagnosis and treatment are the biggest hurdles faced by a majority of the population. 

With the pocket ECG monitor, Sanket, even people from the remotest parts of the country can get themselves a quick, 98% accurate ECG test anytime, anywhere!

Agatsa Technology’s credit-card-sized ECG monitor, Sanket, can measure ECG and stress levels by using just a thumb-touch. The ECG is immediately displayed on a mobile screen and can be relayed to anyone across the globe using Whatsapp, email or even SMS.

This means that with an ECG Report generated within 15 seconds, a report can be sent to the patient’s doctor instantly!

The device works with Sanket’s free mobile app to enable measurement and fulfillment.

Users from 13 to 79 years of age are currently using the Sanket device and the mobile app without any external help.

The Sanket team does 100,000 free ECG tests every month for those who cannot afford it.  Their ECG monitors will be placed in areas where there is no access to big hospitals so that those living in remote rural areas or even urban slums can get access to better technology and better cardiac health.


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